Loan Syndication & Documentation

Date to be announced!
Prague, Czech Republic

The Loan Syndication & Documentation course examines in detail the syndication of finance facilities and syndicates, the facilities that are syndicated, the documentation and administration of the facilities, and the various contract parties and their respective role.  Special attention is given to the LMA (Loan Market Association) investment grade, acquisition and real estate finance documentation widely used in the European markets and the syndication of the facilities.

You will be guided through the different phases of the syndicated lending process.  Insight and expertise in dealing with the syndication, documentation and administration of commercial loans will be shared with you.

Attorneys from a leading local law will speak on the local use of LMA financing facility agreements.  They will advise you on the LMA documentation used for local financing transactions and the necessary adaptation of the documentation for local use.  Jurisdiction-relevant issues will also be addressed.

LMA documentation for investment-grade, leverage (acquisition), real estate development and real estate investment transactions is covered in depth.  We will review the common elements of the LMA template facility agreements as well as the special elements of the different agreements.

This course is targeted to local and regional banks, advisors, consultants and other professionals.  This is the perfect opportunity to connect with others who are involved with commercial lending and loan syndication.


I enjoyed your course very much, I had not expected that there are courses where I can learn so many new things – most of your competitors do not offer anything which I have not come across before…!

I also had the impression that all participants learned a lot, those ones who have never seen an LMA before and those ones who have lots of experience with LMA loan agreements – excellent that you can teach all levels at the same time!

The course was truly helpful for me and designed in very interesting way.

The course was truly helpful for me and designed in very interesting way.

I believe your great presentation skills are the most important reason for keeping us “awake” and interested in the whole process.

I actually don’t have any proposals for improvements, everything was great : )

The course for me, put it in 5 letters, was G r e a t. Yeah, simple as that.

It was very educative, interesting, not bored for the minute, interactive, pleasant, overwhelming. Your personal impact was crucial, specially your knowledge and the fact that you really handle the substance on the top level were shown on each slide of presentation and all that accompanied with your, how to say, great, unique, incomparable performance skills was really impressive to me.

You have my best recommendation, which I have already shared among my friends, colleagues and partners in finance industry. Also, I regret not participating whole three days, i.e. missing the first day of the seminar, but the circumstances were not on my side having really busy days/weeks in the office. I would be very excited if I will have an opportunity to participate on next seminars that you will be organizing/leading.

I am very satisfied with your course and in my opinion it was very well done; I don´t have any particular suggestion. What I really appreciated was your active learning style with participants interaction and real examples both from your and Cristophs´s side. I also appreciated the socializing activities where I heard opinions from other participants. I will look all the information available on line and I also recomanded your courses to my colleagues as they were very curious.